Inter- M CS630 FH Ceiling Speakers



CS-620FH/630FH/680FH is the speaker for playing music using coxial 2 way driver.
It is the finest solution for the space such as class room, meeting room which needs High-quality sound and high intelligibility.

Inter-M CS620 FH Ceiling Speakers Feature

  •  6.5″ coaxial 2Way speaker
  •  Using High quality matching transformer (100V)
  •  Low impedance input terminal – Provides a connection terminal for low impedance (8O) to play high-quality music.
  • Suitable for playing music with a wide band bandwidth ranging from 400Hz~4kHz.
  • Offering an installation bracket ensures an safe installation of speaker by providing High-quality speaker installation tools made up with bracket-ring and bracket-rail.
  • Tap switch